Suinternational is owned and operated by Alev Baymur Ozcan. Since the age of 8 years old, Mrs.Ozcan was an internationally proclaimed ballerina with the Turkish State Opera company. She made her debut in America in the Los Angeles tour. Since then Mrs. Ozcan has starred in international films, various dance companies while working toward her American Citizenship. She did various tours in the United States with the title of “Extraordinary Citizen”; thus fortifying her acceptance as a United States citizen. She is now the proprietor of several companies under the Corporate name of Suinternational.

Through Grandbazaars ( Suinternational promotes sales of handcrafted jewelry and household items imported from Turkey. Suinternational also supports and sells handmade jewelry from local artisans in the Greater Coachella Valley in California and have participated in several trade and arts festivals in the Southern California region. Our selections range from jewelry to household items with the signature of the Nazar. Nazar, or the “Evil eye” has been represented in many countries. Belief in the “evil eye” dates back to ancient Greek and Roman empire and has been used for the protection from “evil spirits caused by jealousy”. Today, many cultures have a similiar respect for this “Evil Eye”.

As an artist and international film star, Alev created Digital Film network (  which has posted for viewing of her works The Little Prince, musical. This film has been nominated for best animation film in the Best Shorts Film award and the Cinema World Festival awards. She is currently working on the development and production of another film to be completed soon.

With her experience as a Ballerina, Alev added two companies within the Suinternational corporation; Point Kostum and Bar-Pi-yo. Point Kostum This is our export company for American manufactured Ballet shoes. Suinternational has contracts with Sancha, Gaynor and Bloch manufacturers. Their ballet shoes have been used by many outstanding internationally proclaimed ballet artist. Bar-pi-yo  is sports enhancer incorporating Ballet, Pilates and Yoga. Designed by Alev, this method of exercise, “shapes the isometric muscles using safe and strong practice forms of physiotherapy and is a unique way of shaping the body (”.

As an independent entrepreneur and a native of Turkey, Mrs. Ozcan realized the challenges of starting a new business. is the business market consulting firm that helps “build and apply knowledge of local culture, customers and regulations to ensure a smooth start-up and transition of operations”

Suinternaitonal offers an array of services for cultural, health and business ventures. An international corporation that seeks to empower all people by sharing the skills and knowledge of a woman who has experienced the global benefits of perfoming arts, creating films, starting several businesses and providing positive support for personal growth and development of society.